The process of mastering verbs in French

Deciding to learn French is a wonderful decision in your life as it is to learn any new language. However, learning this European language can be easy and tedious at once due to various reasons. You need not worry about the tedious part if you can master the usage of french verbs. Once you know the list of verbs used in French along with the modifications required for different tenses, you need not learn anything difficult afterward. However, you should know the right procedure. In this article, let us look at the process of mastering verbs in French in brief.
The process of mastering verbs in French
Know pronouns and tenses
You cannot learn the verbs of any language without knowing the tenses. For each tense, the same verb will be used differently and you should start by mastering these modifications because of the tenses. Also, you should learn the usage of verbs with different pronouns in French.
Hear the verbs
The primary step of learning verbs in French is to hear them out. You can find tons of resources online with writings and essays on mastering verbs in French. However, you will learn the words with wrong pronunciation if you learn by reading those words. Since French words contain letters similar to English, you may get confused. But all these words will be pronounced differently by the French people. So, you should start learning by hearing the audio by using resources like Google.
Repeat what you hear
It is not enough to only hear the different verbs using an audio source. If you wish to speak the words effectively, you should practice repeating those words in the same tone and slang.
Your practice exercises will decide your growth in the language.